White Hat SEO-Natural SEO Backlinks Strategies

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White Hat SEO-Natural SEO Backlinks Strategies

Hey, Mates, I hope you are all doing well. Today I am going to tell you White Hat SEO-Natural SEO Backlinks Strategies For Beginners. Every one of us knows that the internet is the best place to get a job, buy a product, download a movie, read a book, etc.

Hoping to get a job, I too applied for an SEO company.  The big mistake I did was that I failed to know about the company.

Natural SEO Backlinks Strategies

I just attached my resume and forwarded it to the SEO Company.  To my surprise, I was asked to take the written online test.

The questions were based on English Grammar, reading, comprehension, and general aptitude.  I was also offered a set of questionnaires on the internet (URL, hyperlinks, HTML, etc.).

Since I did not have sufficient knowledge of internet questions, I just gave the answer which I thought was the best one.

Thank God, the questions had four different options; hence I was able to choose the one. And subsequently, I was called by the Manager of the SEO firm for a personal interview.

Even though I prepared for the personal interview, I was not asked any SEO-related questions.  I was directly given an appointment order and was asked to undergo “link building” training.

Now, let me share my experience in the training.  In this article, you will come to know about link building which is a useful SEO concept/technique to develop your website. Before we start we must have to know about the types of backlinks.

Types Of Backlinks.

There are many different types of backlinks, we discuss some of them in our article.

  • Guest Blogging Backlinks
  • Backlinks From Webinars
  • Backlinks in Business Profiles
  • Guest Post Bio Backlinks
  • Comment Backlinks
  • Web 2.0 Backlinks
  • Forum Backlink
  • Editorial Backlinks

So friends without wasting time I am going to tell you how you are going to create Backlink. Here are a few White Hat SEO-Natural SEO Backlinks Strategies For Beginners.

Niche Link Building.

Link Building is nothing but giving links to your site from other websites or within your sites.  You can tie up other websites to leave your website link on their website.

It is always good to choose a website or blog that is similar to a business and product.  So, the audience who visit the blog will click the link given at the end of the content and visit your website to see what is available on your site.  So, effective link-building will definitely increase sales.

Article Submissions.

One of the effective ways of link building is article submissions.  You will find many popular directories such as ezinearticles.com,  etc.

where you are allowed to post informative articles.  These directories do not allow you to write about your company or product in the content of the article.

But, the writer can utilize the resource box to popularize his product or company.  You can give a short description of your company and leave a backlink in the resource box.

So, if your content is more interesting, the user will click the backlink and reach your website to know more about your product.

Blog Commenting.

Blog commenting is also another way to increase traffic to your site.  Choose a blog that has a good ranking in search engines and post your blog.  T

he content should be updated frequently.  Add the keyword in the anchor text box and leave a backlink at end of the post.  You can effectively drag the audience to your site through blog commenting.

Other Link Building Techniques.

There are also other link-building techniques such as Forum signature linking, directory submissions, etc.

These are things I learned through the training and now I am a professional SEO expert.

If you want to elevate your website to the top of the search engine results, then rely on effective link building which is also affordable for everyone.

Final Words.

These Backlink Strategies will help to create backlinks. But there are a few tips for you in the last.

  • Do not comment too much
  • Before commenting, your backlink must check the website spam score
  • Choose high-quality sites
  • Avoid high spam score websites if you don’t it will increase your site spam score
  • Always try to create backlinks on high da pa sites
  • Try to create backlinks on related niche sites
  • Last but not least Social Media will also really help you to get more traffic to your website

Hope you will enjoy our article White Hat SEO-Natural SEO Backlinks Strategies For Beginners. Please give us your feedback in the comment.

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