A To Z SEO Guide For Beginners- Learn SEO

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A To Z SEO Guide For Beginners- Learn SEO

Hey, Mates, I hope you are all doing well. Today I am going to tell you A To Z SEO Guide For Beginners. I will share with you some of the amazing tips for SEO and the experiences that I face in my whole career.

A To Z SEO Guide For Beginners- Learn SEO

So without wasting time let’s get started with the SEO Guide For Beginners these things are really important if you are going to start a new blog or website.

SEO Involved In Digital Marketing.

SEO plays the most important factor in digital marketing. without SEO you are not going to create good sales and also not able to generate more traffic. There are a few main categories where you can use SEO in digital marketing.

1. Content Marketing

2. Public Relation

3. Branding

4. Conversion Rate optimization

expect of them there are many other categories of digital marketing where you can use SEO.

How Does A Website Rank In Search Engines?

How does the Search Engine Optimization technique work?  If you do not know the answers to all these questions, spend a few minutes here to read this worthy SEO article.

How Websites Ranked In Search Engines Here Is Some Tips

Keywords Importance In  Search Engine

When the user types a specific set of keywords in the search engine box and asks for the results. The search spiders or robots will start their search to gather data from various websites.

This is how a search engine lists various sites related to your keyword search.  The search engine spider picks up the site that it finds more informative and useful.  So, a website built using Search Engine Optimization Concept will be listed at the top of the results page.

Chose Related Keyword

Always keep the file name as the one that is related to your product.  Search Engine robots pick up the sites based on the file name. Suppose you are selling something like mobile phones, the file name should not be “page3.html”.

These web pages will be ignored by the spider.  It should be like “mobilephone.html”.  The file name should speak on your product or service, only then your website will get the top spot.

Perfect Title Tag

Next,you should try to include a perfect title tag for the website.  A website without the title tag will be listed as an “untitled document”.

A website without a title will get a poor response from the audience.  So, if you are marketing mobile phones, you can keep the tag as “cheap mobile phones or best mobile phones”.

Add Meta Tag

Like title tags, meta tags are also very important to list your website in the top spot.  Meta tags are the one that explains the type of business you are doing.

The Meta Tags cannot be viewed by the user, but they can be viewed by the search engine spider that picks up your site.

Add Description Keyword Using Seo

Create a descriptive tag with not more than 100 characters.  This descriptive tag will appear in search engine results.  Through this descriptive tag, you can explain the type of business you are doing.

Make a strong descriptive tag as it should induce your audience to click on your site to know more information about the product.

Add Related Keyword

Find out relevant keywords or keyphrases for your business and insert them on every page including the title of the content.  For better results include keywords in the first line of the content and a few times in the subsequent paragraphs.

You should also learn about keyword density, before using this concept.

Text Optimization

Search engines also consider your text optimization links while ranking your website.  So, do not provide the text links using the word “click here”.  The text link should contain the keyword; otherwise, your website will escape from search engine spiders.  The right form of text links is “purchase cheap mobile phones online” (if you are selling mobile phones).

There are also many other SEO concepts that one needs to understand and follow.  All these SEO concepts can collectively bring effective results to a website and increase sales.

Final Words.

So friends we hope that our article A To Z SEO Guide For Beginners will help you to get more ranking in Google. Just be sure to implement all of the tips above. Please give us your feedback in the comments section.

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