PiggyVest Login 2023 PiggyVest Dashboard Details

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PiggyVest Login 2023 PiggyVest Dashboard Details is our today’s topic. Also by saving money with the firm, you may build your wealth at a rather high rate/interest. After years of conducting cross-border transactions through a continental intermediary such as the Western Union, indigenous Fintechs began investigating local solutions to daily finance in Africa.

PiggyVest Login 2022 PiggyVest Dashboard Details

Several of these ventures are centered on banks and banking subsidiaries. Few adventurous enterprises, but, deliver investments to the community without the need for banks. PiggyVest Login is one such business. Furthermore, the enterprise’s brains are owned by Nigeria’s significantly young. With Eweniyi Odunayo and Joshua Chibueze serving as founding, steadfast CEOs. As a result, medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) began to use the PiggyVest mobile app for long-term optimal yields, if only as a showpiece.


You can do a lot more with a PiggyVest account. Then simply wait for a profit to add (calculable from interests on Piggyvesst savings).

What is the best way to get started?

  • First, you must master the PiggyVest Login process.
  • Second, you should be aware of the service cache and the finest solutions available to you.
  • Finally, as a workable social and financial leverage, you may join the PiggyVest community.
  • Continue reading for more details on the firm.

PiggyVest Login: Who Is the Owner of PiggyVest?

PiggyVest is the brainchild of Eweniyi Odunayo and Joshua Chibueze. Its business strategy demonstrates Odunayo’s dedication to offering accessible local solutions to financial challenges. Her first venture, Wine & Wine, is a social event media platform. FemCo would be close behind, with Piggybank finishing the climb to a true Fintech offering.

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Piggybank (as the primary name) was discontinued in favor of PiggyVest. When executives decided to diversify the company’s portfolio beyond a simple savings site. The organization currently provides services ranging from savings to investing. As it happens, the following web clip depicts the app’s end purpose.

PiggyVest: What You Should Know Piggybank Ng Was The Former Brand.

Despite the fact that the business timetable has not been disturbed. PiggyVest originally debuted as Piggybank.ng on January 7th, 2016. During this time, the scope of services is based on savings as the highest value for users for three (3) years.

After Rebranding To PiggyVest, The User Base Has Grown.

PiggyVest embarked on a new and improved professional path in 2019. Users may invest and save money at the same time, contributing billions of dollars to the investment pool. Currently, the firm has over three million (3000000+) users and a worldwide following.

Furthermore, the PiggyVest Login interface allows you to access five pre-defined financial growth pathways in the product cache. Continue reading for more information on the items.

Products By PiggyVest

The items are cost-cutting solutions for customers who want to make the best use of the platform. This category includes the five designs listed below.


Piggybanks function similarly to the little boxes tucked away under the bedroom bed for conserving money. If you buy this device, you will receive an automated plan. That will carry out the procedure based on predefined criteria.

You can choose a Weekly or Monthly savings plan.

If you utilise Piggybank to save money. you will receive 8% interest and three withdrawal periods each year (an effective savings plan). It is a fantastic strategy to put a stop to excessive spending.


Do you realize that the firm provides an investment opportunity? For a change, consider the Piggy Invest cache if you’re looking for a dependable high-return portfolio.

Depending on the appropriate programs, you may be able to earn up to twenty-five percent (25%) on your assets. Furthermore, investment periods are simply a half-year (6 months) or a year (12 months). You won’t have to wait long to collect compounded accruals.


You may invest cash in the PiggyVest Safelock for durations ranging from ten (10) days to one hundred (100) days, earning 12.5 percent p.a. upfront.
Do you want to be a groupie? For further information, see the unit below.

Savings Goals

Instead of relying only on the power of your savings, form a groupie Target Savings cache with friends or other savers.
So, what’s the deal?
As a Target Savings customer, you receive 9% (9%) at the end of the day.

Naira Flexibility

While the majority of the preceding units’ savings choices are budget-oriented. Flex Naira concentrates on more strains on your wallet. Allowing you to confront financial crises with a full pocket.

PiggyVest touts it as “flexible savings for life’s unexpected expenses.” Flex Naira earns you 8% (eight percent) every year. The PiggyVest Login method is outlined here.

PiggyVest Login Instructions PiggyVest Dashboard

  • The next steps will take you to the PiggyVest Login interface.
  • Navigate to the website’s online login page.
  • Enter your email address (or phone number) and password for PiggyVest Login.
  • Then type in your password.
  • Finally, choose the Secure Login option. (As indicated by the arrow in the video below)

Is it safe?

Yes, your funds are safe on the site. PiggyVest promotes user data integrity by offering 256-bit SSL encryption against hackers and virus attacks. So far, there have been no reports of app issues.

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